About Us

What is Everything Old?


Everything Old is a unique shop.  We specialise in carrying interesting antique, vintage, and locally sourced artisan goods.  We have thousands of items, with a focus on restored antique finds that you can use.
We also ship many of our goods all over the world.
We exist because our community of more than 70,000 vintage lovers want an authentic, historically focused, and fun shopping experience.  We stand for ethical buying and selling practices, and down to earth, old-fashioned treatment of others
Where we came from...
Starting out of a small farm house on the Saanich Penninsula, Everything Old was born out of three rooms in the front part of our home.  With the entire farm house being barely 900 square feet, giving up our dining room, living room and a bedroom was not an easy thing to do... but we're sure glad we did!
We've always been interested in history, rural life and even intentional communities... but it wasn't until we found ourselves in a state of poverty that we came to fully appreciate how well made things of the past often were.
We became a small local business with a crazy passion for things of a bygone era. We love meeting people and learning the history of the many interesting things that find their way to us.  We dearly appreciate our supporters and customers - without you, we wouldn't exist.

Our farmhouse kitchen; where this all started with a few simple items on our kitchen table were offered to the public.  


Today, the farmhouse kitchen still looks exactly the same and we still use all of the antique and vintage kitchen things in our daily life.

Where we are now.
Bursting at the seams in our little farmhouse, we finally made the decision to move to a larger location.  We found a new home in beautiful Brentwood Bay Village.  We are so happy to now have the space to show all the amazing treasures we love so dearly!
With new items coming in almost daily, and as many finding new homes, every day is a new exciting experience in the shop!